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Reviews and Testimonials

New Puppy Owners

“We took our 8-week-old pitbull puppy in for her first of about three or four visits to get an initial evaluation and her boosters and vaccinations. It was a great experience. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful, and the clinic is very neat and clean. Christina, who took us back to take our puppy's weight and such, was nice, very informative on what we were doing this visit, and what to expect the next few visits. The vet, Dr. Barr, was great. Extremely friendly and great with Bobbie. We could tell Bobbie was comfortable with her and liked her. Both Christina and Dr. Barr were thorough in their explanations, answered all our questions, helped with training tips, and gave us a lot of information on additional services, such as getting her microchipped and pet insurance, without being pushy at all. We are new puppy owners so we were a little clueless on some things, so their knowledge and willingness be helpful was wonderful. I would highly recommend this clinic.”

—Maggie L.

Absolutely Wonderful!

“Dr. Sara Rudwell gave my 7 week kitten her first check up. Dr. Rudwell and all the staff were absolutely wonderful! I am a new cat/kitten owner (the poor girl was found under a hood and we've been unsuccessful in finding mommy/home) so I was pretty blind going into everything and had no idea what kind of internal condition she was in. First: Scheduling was. A. Breeze. I did it online and heard back within an hour that I was scheduled on my preferred date! They gave me the time, place, and told me all that I needed to bring. They even encouraged to have me stop by the week before to give me a tour! (I couldn't because of work). Second: When I got there, they let Dr. Rudwell know right away that I was there and immediately offered me a drink. They had a great array of coffees and soft drinks. I declined, a bit nervous for my first kitten visit but it was a wonderful gesture! Third: The RVT (I believe Stepanie) came and brought Lula and me to the examination room. She was so full of energy and kind; it put me right at ease! She was so sweet with Lula and was quick in adding us to the system and going what Dr. Rudwell would probably like to do. She was very informative and answered all questions I had at the time. Fourth: I only had to wait maybe two minutes for Dr. Rudwell to come in with her assistant and they were just as kind and reassuring as the first RVT. They gave her a full look over and were very patient with Lula as well as me! ( I had a lot of questions!) They gave her first vaccinations as well as gave me a heads up about a murmur but reassured me not to be too concerned and that they would keep track of it. They also gave Lula a topical medication because she had fleas. (The very next day, she was no longer scratching! And a good comb through really showed how well it worked.). Dr. Rudwell also informed me how to break the flea cycle. She also advised me to find a 24-hour clinic since they are not and wanted to be sure I had a go to place in case anything happened. Her RVT also informed me to keep an eye on Lula in case she reacted badly to the topical medication and again reiterated having a 24 clinic in my phone! Fifth: We set up a follow up appointment right there in the next few weeks to see how she is doing in terms of growth, fleas, etc. They also took a stool sample and will be getting in contact with me if anything is the matter or not. After checking out right in the examination room, the RVT gave me a tour of their facilities and I met their resident cat. It is a wonderful location with only a few products. They don't throw them in your face left and right and the display is wonderful. In fact, I couldn't even see them in the waiting room, only when I was leaving! Overall, I could not be happier with the entire experience. I don't know how Lula feels (shots, ugh) but I for one felt very relieved knowing she was in such wonderful hands of Dr. Rudwell and her team. I'm looking forward to hearing from them as well as our return visit in September!”

—Anne F.

Kind, Knowledgeable, Patient and Caring

“My cat had eaten a huge yarn-like piece from a blanket and gotten very sick. They performed a check up on him and x-rays to be sure his intestines, etc. were intact. All the doctors, nurses and technicians I've come in contact with at Broad Ripple Animal Clinic are very kind, knowledgeable, patient, and very caring. I've been in for standard checkups and also for a more serious issue, and they've been considerate in both demeanor and in informing me of various cost options. I highly recommend this clinic.”

—Kate B.

Thorough and Patient

“It was my dog’s initial check up. The office is very nice and is not peppered with products. They ask you if you would like anything to drink while you wait but I did not wait long. I saw Dr. Rice, she was very thorough which I appreciated. She found an issue that many other vets before had missed in my dogs back. It was a pricey visit but he needed several things done. Also, vet visits are expensive no matter where you go. She suggested an X-ray in the future to make sure of this back issue but did not make me feel guilty for not getting it done immediately. She listened patiently while I described certain things in detail. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like a vet really checked every inch of my dog. He had had an ear infection and we were going to do a cytology to make sure, after swabbing his ears she did not see a need for it so we did not do the unnecessary test which is always nice. My bill was itemized and we will be going back for a booster in 3 weeks.”

—Amanda K.

We Switched!

“Dr. Rudwell is our regular vet and treats our golden retriever. We switched from another area vet where we were not happy with the service. We've been pleased with the care from BRAC. They are very responsive and seem to really have our dog's best interest at heart. The only possible negative is that I do feel like they may be slightly higher in price than some others, but for us, the small difference is worth it. The most recent service performed was having our dog spayed and also treated for a skin condition. The spay went well and they offered us the opportunity to come and visit our dog as an overnight stay was required. They also did not charge us for the follow up visit where her stitches were removed (she was also seen by Dr. Rudwell). They treated her skin condition with an antibiotic and it's clearing right up. Very happy with their level of service.”

—Lindsey R.